Wednesday, December 24, 2008

N--Naughty or Nice?

I rarely read the news for two reasons: 1) It uses up too much of my valuable time and 2) Most of it is sad, violent, and/or depressing. Yuck. But, my wonderful hubby, who is a pretty avid news reader/watcher, will save stories for me to read that he knows are of interest to me (usually psychological and/or anthropolical related articles). Here's the one he saved the other day:

(Did I mention that my degree is in psychology?) I found this article interesting, especially the last paragraphs. It looks like we have a choice to be naughty or nice--WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT??!!?!??! Stay out of those powerful positions, I guess. Unless you have a very solid moral character, eh? Darn it, I'm still considering politics as a profession....Do you think my moral character is strong enough? :)
Well, choose niceness--Santa still has 15 hours, according to my timezone. (Is there such a thing as Christmas eve deathbed repentance?)


Becca and fam said...

Yes, your moral character is strong enough! You would have my vote :)

Melissa said...

Nice post! Hope you are enjoying your new home. We miss you.